Guangdong Anhua Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is a focus on detection technology research and development, production, sales and service company, after more than 10 years of efforts and development, has now completed two plants, three production lines, A full range of security equipment products, mainly security doors, X-ray safety inspection equipment, metal detectors and other products.

Has exported to the Middle East, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Eastern Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, North Korea and other regions or countries.

Development Path
2002 in Guangdong Shunde successful business
2003 automatic identification management software research and development success
2004 into the field of security detection
2005 successfully developed a security door, the establishment of Anwar Technology Co., Ltd., production and sales of security doors
2006 large-scale production and sales of security doors
In 2007 the second generation of security door research and development success
2008 Anhua technology security door, hand-held metal detector service in the 29th Beijing Olympic Games related to some security projects
In 2009 the third generation of security doors R & D success
2010 Anwar technology security door, hand-held metal detector service in the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games related to some security projects
R & D X-ray safety inspection equipment in 2011
In 2012, X-ray safety inspection equipment factory was set up
In 2013 the fourth generation of security doors R & D success
In 2014, five patents were successfully obtained
Successful access to two software titles in 2015
2016 won the national high-tech enterprises
2016 Anwar Technology X-ray safety inspection equipment, security doors, hand-held metal detector services in Hangzhou G20 summit related to some security projects

Main Business
Security door: Model B200 B200L B200G B200H B200K B200M B200N B200Q B200T B200V
X-ray safety inspection equipment (X-ray security machine): Model ATX5030 ATX6550 ATX8065 ATX10080 ATX100100
Handheld metal detectors: Model GHP-2A GHP-2B
Explosion-proof equipment / explosion-proof blanket: Model FBT-AH1.6

Anwar Technology through the following certification
ISO14001 environmental management system certification
OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification
Access to environmental protection agencies issued by the radiation safety license

Anwar technology to obtain the enterprise qualification
The contract and trustworthy enterprises

Anwar technology products through the certification
EU CE product certification
EU RoHS product certification
US FCC product certification

Cultural Concept
Company vision: let everything nothing to hide
The company philosophy: customer and market-oriented, committed to providing customers with safe, secure, practical and convenient security equipment and solutions
Corporate values: grow with customers and create value

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