Desktop Face Recognition Identity Verification Machine AH800B

High accuracy accuracy 95%
Fast identification of up to 0.2 seconds can be verified
ID card reader to take the ID card to the designated credit card area card, the system automatically read the ID card information
Portrait of the camera close to the host, the face of the host LCD screen, the system automatically take pictures
Person card comparison system automatically to the ID card photos and live photo photo intelligent comparison verification, to sound and image text output verification results (validation success or verification failure)
Record the storage system automatically store verification information for future reference

Technical Parameters
Host quad-core CPU 2.0G, memory 4G, hard disk 64G SSD
Display 7-inch industrial LCD monitor
Card reader built-in meet the "GA450-2013" standard ID card reader
Camera 1080P HD
Fill light built-in a pair of fill light
Size Length 320 ☓ Width 191 ☓ Thickness 55 (mm)
Operating temperature 0 ~ 50
Operating humidity 20% to 95% (non-condensing)
Working voltage 220VAC ( 10%) 50 3Hz
Power loss 20W

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